417 East 84th Street


Every After Has A Before

After completing an incredible gut-renovation of her home, the owner of 417 East 84th met with 10 real estate agents before coming to the Halpern Team. The renovation was such a labor of love that the owner wanted to tell that love story through the delivery to the market place. In her research, the owner discovered one of our townhouse rentals and was taken by the presentation. Upon meeting with the owner, we reviewed the work we’d done for others, resulting in the owner’s exclamation, “Now I get what makes you different–you make art out of peoples’ homes.”


The owner was first interested in leasing the unit; however, after meeting with the Halpern Team and discussing the state of the luxury rental market and the beginning of a shifting sales market, we hatched a plan to increase our chances by offering the home both for lease and for sale.


The Vision

Unlike most Upper East Side and Yorkville townhouses, 417 East 84th street’s loft-like structure and European styling offered a downtown-feel in an optimal uptown location. The Halpern Team’s goal was to present the multifaceted possibilities of living in such a gorgeous space. We felt that if we could present the emotion of “Home” combined with the beauty of the space, we would stand out from the rest of the market and would be able tap into the true essence of the home.

The Launch

Through the joint efforts of Digboo, DD Reps, and Visual Conductor, the Halpern Team created a one-of-a-kind marketing plan to propel the townhouse to break records. The plan explored the buyer’s experience with the goal to stand out from all other homes on the market, getting people talking and sharing the home. We first embarked on the home’s main photos, which were beautifully shot by Donna Dotan. For those we created a scene with a series of balloons launched and strewn across the beautiful, yet simple, facade.

Next, we expanded on this story by collaborating with Digboo and Visual Conductor to create the award winning “Space To Be You, The Film.” This film showcases an adorable family living life “at home.” The presentation of the Halpern Team’s listing video and beautifully curated photos drew mass appeal and was shared by many; further, the listing video proceeded to win the Muse Creative Rose Gold Award for Real Estate video and in Halpern Team’s leader, Steve Halpern, being named the #9 Real Estate Video Influencer in the country by Tom Ferry and BombBomb.


The After

By creating noteworthy and remarkable marketing for this unique townhouse the Halpern Team was able to help potential buyers envision themselves living in the space, resulting in multiple offers and closing at a record-breaking price for the neighborhood.  More importantly, we gave our seller the loving presentation they were after and left them with mementos of the loving home they labored after.