Beats, Rhymes, Real Estate Life: The Hustle

Halpern TV Beats, Rhymes, Real Estate Life: The Hustle

New York City and hip hop are one. The hustle of the real estate business is now also a big part of the city’s personality. We have combined the two for a dynamic and fresh look into all things real estate in the Empire State.

Halpern TV is the brainchild of brothers, best friends, and die-hard New Yorkers. This original video series centers on NYC entertainment, history, music, and art, and takes real estate storytelling to an entirely new level.



Chief Creative Director- Alex Castillo

Intro Bumper- Alejandro Ussa

Intro Music – Steve and Mike Halpern

Videography-  Jaime Guerra

Editing supervisor- Alex Castillo

Art Direction- Alex Castillo

2nd Camera- Alex Castillo

Directed by Alex Castillo

Sound Engineering- Michael Halpern

Motion Graphics – Chick & Pox

Music written & produced by Mike Halpern

Song Lyrics by Steve & Mike Halpern

Song mixed and Mastered by Jesse Jaeo Tolbert

Shoots produced by Alex Castillo

Extra acting Alex Castillo & Jaime Guerra

Video Editing by The Elevator