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214 Lafayette

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  • 417 East 84th Street

    Unlike most Upper East Side and Yorkville townhouses, 417 East 84th street’s loft-like structure and European styling offered a downtown-feel in an optimal uptown location. The Halpern Team’s goal was to present the multifaceted possibilities of living in such a gorgeous space. We felt that if we could present the emotion of “Home” combined with the beauty of the space, we would stand out from the rest of the market and would be able tap into the true essence of the home.

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  • 214 Lafayette Street

    Formerly one of New York City’s first power stations, 214 Lafayette was renovated to perfection and launched by the Halpern Team as “New York’s Most Unique Rental Property.” 214 Lafayette is an amazing 12,000 square foot townhouse in Soho and was the first $100,000 per month listing in New York. Despite the enormous amount of press associated with the high price tag, the objective was to create a press strategy that did not rely solely on the price point of the home. The owner encouraged us to think outside of the box.

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  • 70 Little West Street

    70 Little West Street had been on the market for one year with two brokers. The property was put on the market at a record high price per square foot in a building that had a large number of active inventory.

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  • 205 East 59th Street

    Stepping into the penthouse at 205 East 59th street I was shocked to learn the listing had been on been sitting on the market as a sale for over a year and as a rental for 5 months. The experience I had walking into this property was something that needed to be conveyed to prospective renters. I knew it would be my job to determine the best way to market this listing to accurately reflect how unique listing this was.

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