Down Memory Lane: Celebrity Starbucks

Halpern TV Down Memory Lane: Celebrity Starbucks

As born and raised New Yorkers, the Halpern brothers have plenty of stories to share about growing up in their beloved city. We follow their journey through some once-in-a-lifetime experiences that are shaped by the neighborhoods and places where they were lived.  This episode features Celebrity Starbucks.

Halpern TV is the brainchild of brothers, best friends, and die-hard New Yorkers. This original video series centers on NYC entertainment, history, music, and art, and takes real estate storytelling to an entirely new level.



Written by  Mike Halpern & Alex Castillo

Chief Creative Director- Alex Castillo

Intro Bumper- Alejandro Ussa

Intro Music- “Kyla & Bronx” – Big Jack Fanclub (Steve Halpern, Mike Halpern, Tiffani Barbour, Beau Van Donkelaar, Thera Choice)

Idea concept by Alex Castillo, Mike Halpern, Steve Halpern & Marie Myman

Sound Engineering – Mike Halpern

Voiceover – Mike Halpern

Videography- Jaime Guerra

Directed by Nalini Alfonsec & Alex Castillo

Editing supervision- Alex Castillo

Art Direction- Alex Castillo

Shoots Produced by Evelyn Badia & Alex Castillo

Lower 3rds- Gilberto Lazo

Video Editing by The Elevator

Additional Video editing by Kevin Madden for Madden Visuals