Let’s Talk About Pets: Pet Numbers

Let’s Talk About Pets: Pet Numbers

New York City is a very pet-friendly metropolis. In this series we cover different aspects of New Yorker pets with connection to real estate and their influence on this city’s dwellings.

Halpern TV is the brainchild of brothers, best friends, and die-hard New Yorkers. This original video series centers on NYC entertainment, history, music, and art, and takes real estate storytelling to an entirely new level.



Written by Alex Castillo

Intro Bumper- Alejandro Ussa

Intro Music – Steve and Mike Halpern

Created  by Alex Castillo,

Videography- Jaime Guerra

Directed by Nalini Alfonsec

Editing supervisor- Alex Castillo

Art Direction- Alex Castillo

Creative Direction- Alex Castillo

Sound Engineering- Mike Halpern

Sound Design – Steve & Mike Halpern

Music by- Mike and Steve Halpern

Shoot produced by Evelyn Badia

Real Estate Information compiled and Written by Marie Myman

Video Editing by The Elevator